Say goodbye to paper-based income verification.

Verify is a simple and intuitive platform that gives employees control over their income and employment data while providing a secure gateway to share such data with financial institutions anytime and anywhere within seconds.

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Why Verify
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Paperless and Digital-First Verification Service
Verify provides all employment data within seconds. No more calls from bank clerks to double-check with HR. Verify frees up valuable time for HR Specialists and Payroll managers.
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Stress-free Solution For Employees
Making financial decisions can be stressful at times. And it can feel even more stressful when employees have to include their employer in the process. Verify takes away this burden from the employer and this stress from the employee.
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Trusted and Supported by Regulators in Europe
We work in cooperation with local regulators to securely deliver income verifications to financial institutions.
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Completely Free for Employers and Employees
Verify is a benefit offered for free to employers, and thus also to their employees. Always. No hidden fees.

Verify: The Fastest Digital Income Verification Solution

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As an HR or Payroll professional, you’ve likely experienced countless interruptions by employees with urgent requests and distracting phone calls from bank clerks to double-check data.

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Meanwhile, employees are under extreme pressure to collect all their needed documents in time. Unfortunately, the entire process of income verification can sometimes take 7-30 days for them.

Verify: Zero Effort For You To Go Digital

Take a look at how we would implement Verify at your company. A smooth process from our side, and close to zero work from your side. Sounds relaxing, right?
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They trust us

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We are committed to the digital development of the Hungarian financial market. It is important that we provide information and services that can be used as a basis for prudent financing, and that can actually reduce the risks involved in financing.
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How come Verify is free both for employers and employees?
​​Verify is and will remain free for all companies and employees, as we generate revenue by data provisioning to the consumer loan providers.
Does operating Verify require any extra administration from our part?
No, after the integration Verify operates fully automated. It doesn’t require any work at all from HR or Payroll departments.
Banks require different templates. How can Verify support such differences?
Verify uses a standardized income verification format accepted by most financial institutions in Europe. However, by setting up the parameterization with your Payroll department, Verify can also create custom templates when required.
How can I use Verify as an employee?
It’s really easy! Employees log into the Verify app, select the institution they want to share their income verification with and click “Send”. That’s it. Within seconds, the selected financial institution will be able to have access to the verification document.


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