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Don’t wait weeks for your next payday. Get access to your already earned but still unpaid wage, whenever you need or want. Be in charge of your financial freedom with the click of a button.

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Salarify Pay: Access is Power

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Unexpected expenses? Salarify Pay is always there for you.

Need to pay an unexpected visit to the dentist? Or replace that old broken phone? Salarify Pay helps you cover unplanned expenses with your own salary as your financial safety net, even at the end of the month. Salarify Pay is always with you in your pocket, right as life happens.

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Want to better plan your cash flow? Salarify Pay is your digital wallet.

Want to improve your income-to-expenses ratio? Or change the frequency of wage payments to increase your saving power ? Salarify Pay works as your own personal digital wallet, allowing you to leverage your wage as a tool to better manage your finances and achieve financial freedom.

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Want to be in control of your finances at all times? Salarify Pay is your smart assistant.

Want more insights into your finances? Or full visibility into your earnings?
Salarify Pay gives you access to analytics, intelligence and additional tools to help you control your finances at all times, all to provide  you with a clearer understanding of your income. Anytime.

How does it work?

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Download Salarify Pay

Download Salarify Pay. Use Google Play for Android phones and the App Store for Apple devices.

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Sign up with some details

Enter your email address, tax number, choose your employer and set a password.

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Login and confirm phone number

Once you have confirmed your email address, you can sign in to your account.

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Choose the amount you need

Set the amount you need for your Salarify Pay transaction.

They talk about us
At the end of the month, I needed exactly 20 000 HUF, because my kid got sick and I had less money for rent. In such situations, I usually solve the problem by using Salarify, which usually covers the small amount.
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Rent-related expenses are usually due before payday. It's a huge help to be able to get the amount I need in 1 click on Salarify and pay on time.
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A broken shoe or a class trip payment...these are unexpected expenses in my opinion. It's a big help to have somewhere to reach for the funds immediately.
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I usually claim [from Salarify] in the middle or at the end of the month and when I'm short on money. It's a very good thing and [the money is] in my account very quickly!
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I use Salarify to pay my utility bills when my water bill or TV bill is late. I am glad to have this option.
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It's reassuring to have a security pocket that I can always reach into and use whenever unexpected expenses come up.
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I'm a big Excel person when it comes to tracking my expenses. I access my salary weekly through Salarify, and I've been able to save demonstrably more of the same paycheck since I switched.
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Need help?
How does Salarify Pay work?
As you accrue working days, you will get access to your Salarify Pay balance within the app. As soon as you have a positive balance, you can request it to be paid out to your bank account. Simple as that.
How much does Salarify cost me?
Salarify Pay is provided as an employee benefit by employers, so employers cover the Salarify Pay subscription fees. However, some employers may pass a small portion of the fee on to employees based on their transactions. This is something that you will see clearly indicated in the app.
Is Salarify Pay a credit product?
No. We only give you access to the wage you have already earned.
Who can use Salarify Pay?
Any employee whose employer has a contractual relationship with Salarify.
Is Salarify Pay available at my employer?
If you can't find your employer on the app’s registration page, it means that Salarify Pay is not yet available at your workplace. We are working hard to reach as many employees as possible, so if you would like to help us achieve our goal, click HERE to speed up the process or tell your HR department about us.

Still have questions?

Check out our Help Centre.

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