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Empower your employees to take control of their financial lives with our unique earned wage access solution

Why Salarify Pay

Up to 26% decrease in absenteeism.
(Source: Dailypay)
Average workforce turnover reduction at companies providing earned wage access. (Source: Dailypay)
Favorability to switch a more flexible pay cycle by workers in financial stress. (Source: Salarify survey)
Preference of working for an employer offering earned wage access. (Source: Salarify survey)

A hassle-free solution

Take a look at how we would implement Salarify Pay at your company. A smooth process from our side, and close to zero work from your side. Sounds relaxing, right?
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How Salarify Pay helps your employees

They trust us

We work in a sector where anything new can be a competitive advantage. In our opinion, an innovative way to reduce administration and automation in today's over-administered world is a great help.
Bulcsú Baradits
Head of Recruitment, Man At Work Kft.
After testing, Salarify went live immediately nationwide with no problems then or since. Internal marketing has been a great support and the technical set-up with our external payroll provider has been seamless.
László Cser
HR director, Kühne Nagel Kft.
In today's world, attracting and retaining staff is a major challenge for every company. Our priority is to remain an attractive place to work for our employees and potential candidates too. We use the app to increase employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover.
Gábor Pallag
HR director, B+N Referencia Zrt.
Who is financing the earned wage access transactions in Salarify Pay?
Usually, the liquidity required for wage payments is ensured by the employer. If you would prefer a different solution, please reach out to our team, so we can provide you with detailed information regarding cash flow-independent options.
What is the workload required by the employer to implement Salarify Pay?
The implementation of Salarify does not require any operational tasks from our clients. We ensure that the processes are fully automated during the implementation and on-going operation.
Does the payroll process change after the introduction of Salarify Pay?
Nothing changes, as the requested amount is automatically recorded as an advance payment in the payroll system through to the integration. This amount can be managed in the usual way at the end of the month without any extra administrative burden.
What checks and balances are in place to ensure Salarify Pay follows compliance protocols?
Salarify’s product is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, and the data of the employees can be only accessed with their consent. As a result, no contract amendment is required on the part of the employer.

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