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Who is financing the earned wage access transactions in Salarify Pay?
Usually the liquidity required for wage payments is ensured by the employer. If you would prefer a different solution, please reach out to our team, so we can provide you with detailed information regarding cashflow-independent options.
What is the workload required by the employer to launch Salarify Pay?
The implementation of Salarify does not require any operational tasks from our clients. We ensure that the processes are fully automated during the implementation and the operation.
Does the payroll process change after the introduction of Salarify Pay?
Nothing changes, as the requested amount is automatically recorded as an advance payment in the payroll system through to the integration. This amount can be managed in the usual way at the end of the month, without any extra administrative burden.
What checks and balances are in place to ensure Salarify Pay follows compliance protocols?
Salarify’s product is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, and the data of the employees can be only accessed with their consent. As a result, no contract amendment is required on the part of the employer.
How come Verify is free both for employers and employees?
​​Verify is free and will be free of charge for all the companies and employees, as we generate revenue by data provisioning to the consumer loan providers.
Does operating Verify require any extra administration from our part?
No, after the implementation Verify operates fully automated. It doesn’t require any work at all from the HR or Payroll departments.
Banks require different templates. How can Verify support such differences?
Verify uses a standardized income verification format accepted by most financial institutions in Europe. However, having the parameterization set up with your Payroll department, Verify can also create custom templates when required.
How can I use Verify as an employee?
It’s really easy! Employees log into the Verify app, select the institution they want to share their income verification with and click “Send”. That’s it. Within seconds, the selected financial institution will be able to have access to the verification document.
How does Salarify Pay work?
As you accrue working days, you will get access to Salarify Pay balance within the app. Once you have a positive balance, you can request it to be paid out to your bank account. As simple as that.
How much does Salarify cost me?
Salarify Pay is provided as an employee benefit by employers, so the employers cover the Salarify Pay subscription fees. However, employers may pass on a smaller amount to employees based on transactions. This is something that you will see clearly indicated in the app. 
Is Salarify Pay a credit product?
No. We only give you access to the wage you have already earned.
Who can use Salarify Pay?
Any employee whose employer has a contractual relationship with Salarify.
Is Salarify Pay available at my employer?
If you can't find your employer in the app’s registration page, it means that Salarify Pay is not available at your workplace yet. We are working hard to reach as many employees as possible, so if you would like to help us achieve our goal, open live chat and speed up the process or tell the HR department about us.