August 13, 2022

Join Salarify for free in 2020! #Salarifyforall

Salarify is happy to announce that it will make its service available to all employers and employees in Hungary completely free of charge until the end of 2020. In this difficult moment, our company  wants to help ease the financial challenges employed individuals are currently facing.

One-third of Hungarian employees are constantly exposed to financial stress at work. Even  without a global pandemic, this is a serious matter affecting hard working employees.

By providing employees direct and dynamic access to a digital  financial assistance tool such as Salarify, employers can support them to better respond to unexpected situations, without the need of incurring debt: employees can plan better and feel financially safer in this critical period of time.  At the same time, employers can increase employee loyalty and productivity without additional costs.

In the upcoming months Salarify is working on brand new features. Our product development focus will be on making purchases directly from your Salarify account, using your current Salarify balance, in order to sustain the development of a real digital economy.

Please note that on top of offering Salarify completely free of charge in Hungary, we will also offer a seamless integration with your technical infrastructure without any need of in-person meetings.

Come join Salarify for free from May 1st 2020 and help your employees achieve financial freedom. #Salarifyforall

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